How To Charge Your Airpods or AirPods Pro

Find out how you can charge your AirPods and your AirPods Pro and, most importantly, your AirPods charging case by reading this short guide.

Apple’s AirPods have become an extremely loved of, if not the most popular wireless earbuds currently available. If you’ve bought AirPods, you might be thinking about what you can do to charge them. Do not worry about it, as this guide will help you do exactly how!

The Best Way to Charge AirPods

The process of charging your AirPods even when the battery is flat isn’t difficult. It’s an integral part of AirPods’ design.

For charging your AirPods, just put them in the case the AirPods were shipped with. The case will hold the batteries to power the AirPods up to three times, much like an in-built power bank. The left AirPod is placed in one of the slots on the left, while the right goes into the right slot.

AirPods will automatically charge until they’re full when the case is in use. If AirPods aren’t charging inside the case, or if the indicator light on the case turns orange, you’ll have to charge the case yourself.

How to Charge the AirPods Case

When charging your AirPods case as well as the AirPods inside is to do so before running depleted of energy. This is a way to ensure the health of the batteries in your earbuds; however, it’s not an issue when they stop charging completely.

There are two options for charging the AirPods case that can be charged wirelessly or wired. The choice you make will depend on what generation of AirPods you own and the charging case you are using.

You can wirelessly charge your AirPods Case

Only AirPods equipped with wireless charging Case can be wirelessly charged. Both AirPods Pro and the second-generation AirPods (2019) were shipped with this standard case. Apple offers a Wireless Charging Case for the first-generation AirPods. However, it’s an additional feature worth keeping in mind if you’re not certain which AirPods you should pick.

You can charge your AirPods wirelessly by using every wireless charging pad. Set the AirPods cover on the charger, with its status light facing upwards and the lid shut. It should indicate the status of the charge for eight seconds.

Wireless charging pads have to be connected to the main power supply. However, it’s all you’re required to do. Place your AirPods case into the wireless charger, and they’ll begin charging automatically.

It can be done using or without the AirPods inside the case.

Can you Charge Your AirPods Case Using an AC Cable?

To charge your case using wired connections to charge your case, connect the Lightning cable included with the AirPods in the Lightning port of your AirPods case. The second end of your cable to the USB charge port, or even a charger.

Once you’ve plugged them in, the AirPods case will start charging until it’s full. You can determine whether the case is full when you open the casing and observe whether the LED indicator is on. A full charge can be between one and two hours, so consider these approximate guidelines.

Also, you can charge the case either with or without AirPods inside.

Airpods Charging With iPhone Charger

USB-C connectors have a power management system that charges following their maximum requirements. For the Airpods, the maximum charge is 5W. This means that even if you’re using an iPhone charger that typically has a higher watt, the Airpods will only get charged 5W. This means that the Airpods case will not overpower its power requirements, thus ensuring that you’re Airpods battery health won’t be adversely affected. Therefore using the Apple charging device to power, your AirPods is similar to using an Airpods charger.

What is the time frame to charge Airpods Pro?

Apple has specifically developed the Airpods to decrease the charging speed when you have reached the point where your Airpods have 80% battery. This is to prolong the longevity of the batteries in your Airpods. Therefore charging between 0 and 80 percent is fairly fast. Apple states that charging for 15 minutes will give you 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talking time. The charge range between 80% and 100% will require twice the amount of time between 0 and 70% to stop the speed at which your battery degrades.

Can Airpods Pro Charge Wirelessly?

The Airpods pro can charge wirelessly on the same charging pads that work to all Apple devices like Apple’s iPhone and the iPad. The only thing you need to recharge your device wirelessly is to place your phone on the charger pad and make sure that the indicator light is facing the right way while charging. The indicator light will inform you when it’s charging by flashing. The light won’t stay up throughout the charging process; however, you can monitor the status of your charge by tapping your case. An amber light indicates that your battery requires more power, while the green light signifies the case has been fully charged.

How long does it take for you to charge AirPods Pro Wirelessly?

Wireless chargers typically require more time in charging devices than wired chargers. This is because wireless chargers are not as efficient in terms of power and reduce the power output to prevent the device’s temperature from overheating. Therefore, on average, wireless chargers can take between 20 and 30 percent longer than wired chargers to charge the device fully.

Is Airpods Pro Chargeable With a Different Case?

Airpods can be equipped to be charged using an alternative case. To do this, put your AirPods into the case you purchased, then lift the lid and press and hold the setup button on the side in the charging case. When the status light turns white, you can open and close the cover with the Airpods in it and place it against your phone. An animation for setting up will play, after which you can select connect, and then you’re done.

Final Thoughts

There you go with the lighting connectors and power management circuitry; you’ll be in a position to charge your Airpods using an iPhone charger without any difficulties. Also, using an iPhone charger with a greater power output will not charge your Airpods faster. It’s charging according to the maximum power output, which is 5W. This means that you don’t have to worry about putting your Airpods ‘ battery at risk of being damaged by an over-powered charger.

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