How To Connect Xbox App With Console

I am going to show you how to set up a new console on your Xbox app and how to connect your Xbox app to your Xbox console.

now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s show you how this is done and how you can connect Xbox app to your Xbox console so you can do things like playing remotely streaming your content to your phone from your Xbox and controlling your Xbox with your mobile phone.

let’s get into and show you how to connect your  Xbox app to your Xbox console.

in your Xbox console settings under devices and connections select.

remote features


here your want to enable remote features which will allow you to install new games play games on your console and more including turning on and controlling your console from your mobile phone.

xbox setting

once this is enabled you want to select Xbox app preferences. here I advise that you select only from profiles signed in on this Xbox console.


This will stop anyone from connecting to your console that you do not want to connect to the console this will also make the next stage a lot easier.

Once this is done you can back out of your Xbox settings we have completed this stage. you can also test your remote play.

Xbox setting stage remote play.

Testing your remote play test if there are any problems when you’re connecting to the Xbox console from your mobile phone using the Xbox application any connection issues will be displayed here.

you can see that I have one issue but it’s also not an issue that will completely stop me from using this remote-play feature.

If you’re happy with what you see here you move on to the next stage. open the Xbox application on your mobile phone. this is what the Xbox apps look like you want to select the Xbox at the top.

xbox application

Inside the application when you have connected you will be displayed with this menu you can also see that I am using the Xbox profile that I use for the game and I’m appearing offline.

Now I’m going to the next stage that you will need to complete in order to connect your Xbox app to your Xbox console. This says “set up a console.”

You have two options set up a new console or add an existing console. You also have the option to turn on your features. You want to do this but in the next stage I’m going to make things a lot easier for you.

The main menu will look like this when you first sign in into the app. Use sign in. by using the Xbox sign-in feature you will be able to sign in using your Xbox live account.

This will be the email that’s displayed at the top of your Xbox profile when you sign in on your xbox console and it will display in the top left hand corner of the screen. once you’ve signed in using your email combination you will be then be able to access your remote play using the xbox app here you cansee that i’m accessoing games via my mobile phone and it’s leading directly on my xbox concole screen. you can see that far cry 6 skyrim and other gamer are loading  instantly as i’m using the next generation xbox console being the xbox seeries s and i also have that quick loading feature. by launching on my console you will see that  that game will load instantly . how cool is that quick resume using the xbox concole.

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