How To Get Discord On Xbox

“Hey, how do I get Discord on Xbox?” Discord and Xbox recently announced a partnership that finally allows meaningful cross-platform compatibility. Xbox Insiders can test Discord voice chat on Xbox consoles, which allows them to communicate with friends who use the app on PC or mobile. You’d better prepare for when the feature arrives since everyone will receive it soon.
so the first thing you would need to do is to sign into your Xbox live profile and make sure you’re on the Xbox live profile that you would like to use discord with once on the dashboard select the main Xbox button on your controller
  form here you want to move over once twice until you get to parties and chats.
here in this menu you can see “try discord voice on xbox today”
This is brand new at the point of me making this video select this.
if you don’t have this  in your menu remember you can update your xbox there will be a video up in the cards up above to show
you how to update your xbox.
here this reads try discord voice on xbox today
link your xbox console and discord accounts so friends can see what game you’re playing and decide to jump in.
once you’ve connected accounts voice chat directly through your xbox with anyone on discord across mobile desktop and web all your rfriends and communities in one place you can now connect to discord voice from your xbox and talk with your friends on pc web and mobile.
To get started scan the the qr code with your mobile device or use a mobile device to visit and then there is a link being given. i’m going to use the qr barcode and i’m also going to show you what ‘im doing on mobile to make that next stage eve clearer for you when you’re following along. once you’ve scanned the qr barcode or entered the url it will take you to this site.
photothis will say get the dicord app and two link your xbox account. I dont have the discord app yet so i’m going to take you through that stage
here i’m gooing to download the dicord app
open your discord and login using your discord login details. if you dont yet have a discord account you can select register.
discord is asking me if i would like to enable push notifications this will give me notifications on screen of my phone when using discord or have the application in the background i am going to select may be later.
i also have the option to find my friends and allow contacts to add  me. i’m going to deselect this and now i have my discord on my mobile phone.
form here go back to the browser  so we can finish up the set up process
now select link you xbox account here select get started
this reads first lets signin with xbox
“we’ll use this to display your xbox gamertag and what games you’re playing”
you will be redirected to and then it gives the
this is very important and very interesting when you signin to your xbox account in the top left hand corner of the screen they will be displaying an email this is the email account that you to access at this point if you dont know the password to your email of your xbox live account you can always recover this via outlook
Right now I’m going to enter my details and log in to my email that is connected to my xbox live account at this point discord is asking for access to your xbox live profile information game data and more you can read through this if you’re not sure and you can always double check before pressing yes or agree, you can also select no but there are also the terms and conditions privacy statements and you can also select to show details i’m going to select yes to continue.
awesome this is the next step xbox wants to access your discord account  so now xbox is asking for access to your username your avatar your banner access to third – party connections that you may have on your discord account know what servers you’re in read member information nicknames avatars roles etc for servers you belong to connect a voice on your behalf and see others who are in any voice channels or calls ad see information about your direct messages and basically your inbox.
 the last one says paint a happy little tree I’m not sure if that’s just there fir humor or if any of you guys can add any insight to this.
 i’m going to select authorized and continue
“you’re all set up”
head over to your voice channel to try it out. so now we’ve done most of the setup i’m going to show you how this works or what this looks like on your xbox profile once you’ve completed this stage
at this point you will be able to chat  with you friends directly from you xbox to discord so you’ll be able to use discord via your xbox
here’s how you check to see if both your discord and your xbox live account are now connected from your menu here when you select xbox home button you want to move over to chats here
i wnat to select new chat
from new chat i want to select “find someone”
In find someone there is an option to select link accounts to find friends select this it will take you to this menu, where you have your discord that is now connected to your xbox account
you also have the option to show your discord on your profile
i’m going to that here so now this will be showing on my xbox live profile. you can also link facebook, reddit, steam, twitch and Twitter.
if you have any questions don’t forget you can ask me in comments section down below but you can also share your experiences how you getting on with using discord on xbox

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