Can a VR Headset be used with Xbox One & Xbox Series X?

VR has been a major hit in the gaming world and has revolutionized how gaming is played. VR creates 360-degree games and provides a deep gaming experience for all players. If you didn’t feel completely lost in the world of gaming before this, you would be by now.

However, it’s not the case that every VR headset is compatible in conjunction with Xbox One or its newer successor, Xbox Series X. They don’t even support VR headsets in any way. Despite Microsoft being the sole owner of their VR technology, the company has assured¬†VGC¬†that it will remain the same for a long time. However, the fact that it’s not officially supported doesn’t mean it’s impossible to connect to a VR headset to an Xbox Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

Learn all you should be aware of VR headsets and compatibility with Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Why can’t VR be supported for the Xbox One, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X?

The first thing you’ll want to know is the answer to this: If Microsoft is already using their own VR platform, then surely the next step is to include this into gaming consoles? However, it appears it wasn’t the situation.

In essence, Microsoft believed it would be prohibitively expensive to develop brand new VR headsets that are fully compatible with Xbox One or Xbox Series X. It would not only raise the cost for these headsets as well as their customers.

Don’t be too optimistic as they don’t appear to change their mind anytime shortly!

Are You able to Connect A VR Headset To an Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Yes. Although Microsoft does not accept them, there’s an option to utilize VR headsets on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X. However, it’s important to note that it’s not functioning as it should.

Since Microsoft does not support VR headsets, therefore, users can’t be able to experience the 360-degree view. Instead of immersing yourself in the experience that VR can provide, you could use it as an extra screen.

It’s unnecessary to purchase one to provide you with the VR gaming experience you can get on the Xbox. If you have one, it is possible to connect it to your Xbox.

If you use one of the well-known VR headsets (we’ll explore more detail about this in the future), it is possible to. It’s a matter of having the appropriate tools and software.

You’ll need:

  1. The Windows 10 computer Windows 10 PC
  2. A VR Headset
  3. The HDMI cable (if you’re using the PlayStation VR headset)
  4. It is the Xbox streaming app

To utilize any VR headset with the Xbox One or Xbox Series X, the headset must have the right compatibility with the Xbox streaming application.

Which headsets work with Xbox One and Xbox Series X?

The following VR headsets for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. They cannot be utilized in the same manner as if Xbox had support for VR; however, the addition of a screen can enhance your gaming experience.

The VR headset can only be used with Xbox One, and therefore will not work with Xbox Series X.

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Another headset compatible with Xbox One or Xbox Series X is the Microsoft HoloLens 2. While other headsets are tied to your head, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 is essentially an LCD screen that is hung on the wall in front of you. This makes it better to be worn when playing.

It’s much more liberating than other gadgets. It doesn’t require any cables and allows you to move around your room as you like. You can operate its two built-in speakers by using your body, which includes eyes, hands, as well as your voice.

You can play your favorite game or catch your favorite movie – it’s very flexible! However, a few gamers have said that the display might be a little small. It is also important to remember that this can be extremely expensive.

It’s probably beyond budget for a lot of individuals. Therefore it’s essential to determine if it’s worth it, based on your tastes.

Oculus Quest 2

A few of the more well-known VR headsets available today are Oculus. There are various models, and each has a unique gaming experience.

They’re probably more compatible VR headsets for Xbox. Every VR headset includes the Xbox One controller and an Xbox wireless adaptor. Depending on which version you choose, it might be equipped with an adapter cable instead of adaptor wireless.

The Oculus Quest 2 headset is widely regarded as the top VR gaming headset currently. Let’s go deeper into its capabilities and determine why it’s a cult headset and if it’s worth it.

It’s first and foremost a standalone headset, meaning that you can use it with any other device. However, you could connect it to your computer and then use it if you wish to. Whatever way you choose to use it, the choice is yours, and they’re two great methods to enjoy VR.

It’s affordable, meaning it’s cheaper than other headsets. It also offers the best gaming experience.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Oculus Quest 2 is its battery life. Oculus Quest 2 gaming headset is battery life. It only lasts between 2 to 3 hours before needing a recharge. If you’re someone who can spend all day long gaming without interruption, this might not be the best choice for you.

In comparison to older models, The games and the software perform better. The sharing options have been massively increased and an increased resolution on display. What more can you ask for to ask for?

To connect for your Oculus VR headset with your Xbox, it is necessary to:

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet.
  2. Get the Oculus app
  3. Use the Oculus app
  4. Select Devices from the right-hand menu
  5. Choose ‘Rift & Touch’ and then select ‘Pair Device.’
  6. Select ‘Pair Gamepad’
  7. Include your Xbox controller

You’ll then need to know how to transfer content from Oculus onto your Xbox. It’s not difficult to accomplish;

adhere to these instructions:

  1. Get started with your Xbox
  2. On settings, enable game streaming
  3. Connect your Xbox to your PC
  4. Visit the Oculus store and install the Xbox streaming app on your computer
  5. Make sure to connect the VR headset with your Xbox
  6. Start Xbox streaming
  7. Now the game will be streamed via your headset.

Oculus Rift S

A different Oculus VR headset is available here. They’re a reliable brand you can be confident in!

One of the main distinctions between the different models and versions is the cost. Extra options go along with them, but you’ll need to vary based on your financial budget, which is the best option for you.

It is believed that the Oculus Rift S has been removed from Oculus, but it is still available for purchase on Amazon or other websites. This being said that any device could be more difficult to locate if something happens to go wrong, which is why you might prefer Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest 2.

If you’re willing to risk if that’s what it is that the Oculus Rift S can offer. It’s not designed to be an individual headset, as is its predecessor, the Oculus Quest 2, which is why it’s important to ensure the headset is compatible with your computer.

Most headsets use HDMI However, and the Oculus Rift requires connecting to your PC through DisplayPort. This implies that it isn’t compatible with certain gaming laptops.

However, they are more technically superior due to this. The graphics would not be as great in a standalone headset.

The Quest 2 and Rift S come with motion tracking with 6 DOF, which tracks the exact position and direction. There are three different measurement options for) the work (left/right forward/backward and upwards and downwards), and the third measurement is) the orientation (yaw, roll, and pitch)

Both use extremely precise controllers that give the same gaming experience.

It completely alters the VR experience, in contrast to VR headsets with only 3DOF motion-tracking. This is because, with 3DOF, you’re only able to point, while 6DOF lets you extend your hand, change direction, and control the environment.

It’s a fantastic VR headset that can be used with Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

GenBasicQuad HD

The GenBasic Quad HD VR headset is an excellent choice to use for your Xbox One. It’s more affordable than similar VR headsets, starting under $200. If you’re looking to save money and nonetheless want to enjoy a great gaming experience, this is the perfect VR headset.

It’s compatible with it can be used with either PC or Xbox One so that you can benefit from it in various ways. It’s fitted with a Bluetooth controller to connect to your computer. It has a variety of modes, including the 360-degree and 110-degree field of view (FOV for short).

Additionally, the battery’s longevity is amazing, and it’s so durable that you won’t need to recharge it often. This means you’ll enjoy the best gaming experience in complete silence. However, there is the possibility that it will be a bit slow. Because of is connected to HDMI inputs, it could affect the overall performance that the games play.

HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Systems

HTC Vive Pro HTC Vive Pro is another fantastic VR headset perfect for Xbox gamers. Its ergonomic design was designed to provide the best ease of use and the best gaming experience that is possible. It will mold your head’s shape and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

One of the great things about the VR headset is the fact that it has wireless connectivity. So, you can enjoy your games without having to worry about cables. This means that you can move about more easily.

If you decide, for any reason, that you’d prefer to connect via a wired connection, don’t fret that you can do it! Whether you link to this HTC Vive Pro VR headset is extremely convenient. You can take it wherever you like and take it with you!

What are the benefits of the VR headset? It supports the majority of gaming consoles, such as those like the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It also has an extremely high-quality resolution when compared to other VR headsets. It’s also extremely comfortable to wear, and you can easily alter the features to suit your needs.

The biggest drawback to the VR headset? It requires you to own a gaming computer, and not all gamers will own it.


Unfortunately, the use of VR headsets on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X isn’t as straightforward as it might be. If Microsoft designed the consoles compatible with VR at all, then you shouldn’t be so certain about which VR headset you purchase. Instead of connecting to the Internet, you must find an alternative method to do it.

However, we’ve sourced it for you. Although it’s a bit more complicated than it ought to have been, the process of connecting the VR headset with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X isn’t too difficult.

The most important thing to consider is that If the VR headset can be used with an Xbox streaming application, that’s fine to utilize. Following the steps described, you’ll be able to attach to your VR headset and an Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

In some examples of VR headsets listed above, you can tell that it isn’t necessary to require a console to play these games on. But, it is possible to play standard Xbox games with your console using VR.

Indeed, VR headsets aren’t necessarily necessary, and you may prefer to have that different gaming experience. VR headsets can be utilized as a standalone console or on your PC; however, it’s ultimately your choice to decide what you want to game.

You’ve likely learned everything you need to know about VR headsets and the ability to connect these to the Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Therefore, let yourself be swept away by the enchanting experience and relax!

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