Can PS5 players play alongside PS4 Players Online?

Yes, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players will play together online. However, this will depend on whether or not your preferred game comes with cross-platform and cross-generation compatibility.

There’s been it. You or your friend bought the latest PlayStation console, and one of you didn’t purchase it, still uses the old model. You’d still love to play together; however, you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to or even how.

It’s been a long-awaited improvement in the gaming community because it can make the transition between generations much easier and allow you and your friends that don’t have the same version of PlayStation to have a blast before everyone gets their hands on the PS5!

But, it’s not always that simple, all black and white. There are instances where it’s possible, as well as situations in which it’s not. Learn more about the best ways to enjoy the PlayStation games alongside a friend with a different PlayStation than you!

Game Reliance

In the beginning, the most crucial factor in determining whether or not your PS5 can play alongside someone else who has the PS4 (or in reverse) is the game you’re trying to play.

This is because it is necessary to run online games cross-platform between PS5 to PS4. The game’s developer will need to include this feature in the game. When released, this isn’t as likely for more recent games since games that never existed available on PS4 PlayStation 4 obviously will not feature this capability.


Do not fret; you can rest assured that there are tons of popular games and have cross-platform support. Some of the most popular games include Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Minecraft! There are numerous lists on the internet of fun with this feature, and a quick google search will reveal whether the game you’re trying to play allows players to play with different console generations.

If you do not have any particular game in mind and seek a new one, this will be fairly easy to locate by using Google!

Gaming across platforms and generations is a simpler process than you think. Please continue to the next part of this article to discover the best way to go about it!

What is the best way to Crossplay?

To determine whether you can Crossplay, play the game, and test whether it’s possible if a simple Google search will answer your query (which is probably the scenario).

There is only one way to ensure that it’s effective: try it! Invite a friend or family member to a lobby for the game you’d like to enjoy, or let your friend invite you.


Suppose the game can be adapted to cross-platform play. In that case, you’ll be able to access their online multiplayer lobby for any game you wish to play seamlessly, provided that you both are using PlayStation online on your specific console.

It is also possible to try joining an online game with a friend. It’s only available in specific games, and when the player is is in an active multiplayer online lobby, if you’d like to use this, head over to your list of friends and then open your friend’s profile.

There ought to be a section showing what games they’re playing. Choose that option, and a drop-down menu will appear. If you see a prompt that says “join the game,” this game can be joined and allows players to join the multiplayer lobby and play cross-platform with their friends!

If you’re unable to play both consoles on the game, you’ve chosen the person playing with the old model of the console (the PlayStation 4) who will just not be invited. This could be an issue with the connection or a bug. Try a couple of times before giving up!

Other Features that are not game-related

This is wonderful when you play games with your pals; however, what are some of the features that aren’t games that PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 provide? In the end, gaming online goes beyond simply joining the lobbies of your buddies or playing games with them.

You might be wondering if you’ll be capable of seeing your friends’ online activities and progress in games, achievements, as well as other details. Many features aren’t gaming-related, which are crucial to the overall experience of online console gaming, including things like text messaging and voice chat!

There’s good news that these features are all accessible. You’ll not only be able to check out the games that your pals are currently playing and the advancement they’ve made in these games as well, but you’ll be invited to join their lobby and send them messages and even chat with them—using the phone!

It means that it’s the same game you’d have played with your buddies when you shared an identical console. This is fantastic news and is a long-overdue change from SONY.

Cross-Platforms With Other Consoles

Naturally, the question will pop to whether or not you can play with your friends who are using Xbox Ones, Xbox Series X, PC, or Nintendo switch. In previous times, cross-platforming among players who had consoles of different brands was impossible.

But, using similar technology as lets you play games with your PlayStation 4 owning friends, you can now play games with owners of gaming PCs Nintendo Switches, and Xboxes of all sorts!

Similar to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 cross-platforming, this depends on several variables. The most crucial of these is that you’re playing a game that allows players from various consoles the ability to compete. It isn’t the case for all games, and it is an individual case to decide if you and your friends can play.

A game, for instance, might be able to work cross-platform between PlayStation 5 and PC; however, it is not able to function cross-platform between PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. This has to do with licensing rights, technical requirements for specific games, and other aspects that make cross-platforming impossible.

Many games can cross-platform, however. A simple Google search should let you know which console you want to play is compatible with.

Different types of Cross-Generation Cross-Platforming

There are two main kinds of cross-platforming available in the case of gaming between two consoles of different generations.

We first have the PlayStation 5 playing a PlayStation 4 version using the PlayStation 4. This is a lot more straightforward, considering that the backward compatibility feature has been an integral feature in gaming consoles for quite a time. It should be fairly easy to implement. The only issue could be that your PS5’s graphic quality and speed won’t be full-screen.

In the second, we have the Playstation 5 playing a PlayStation 5 version of the game, while a PlayStation 4 plays a PlayStation 4 version. And they’re playing online within the same room. This is more prevalent in older games or those with significant long-term success and is accompanied by regular updates (think Fortnite, or Call of Duty: Warzone).

This second choice raises several potential problems with how both games could look and play when compared with each other. Learn more about this issue and other issues you could encounter when crossing platforms.

Potential Problems

Cross-platforming is a relatively recent phenomenon. It is the reason why it’s not an exact method of research. Some issues can arise when using the PlayStation 5 and your friend still use PS4. PlayStation 4. Find out the problems you might encounter when crossing platforms in this manner.

First, there is the issue of the different quality of both systems. The Playstation 5 is indeed an upgrade in every way over the Playstation 4, which is a much more dated and obsolete console. Some issues could arise as a result of this.

Be aware that this issue will be an issue only when you’re using the PlayStation 5 running the most recent PlayStation 5 version of the game you want to play. However, your friend plays on an older version of the game on a PlayStation 4 with the older version.

If you’re both playing PlayStation 4 and are playing on the PlayStation 4 version of the game and are using the backward compatible feature of PlayStation 5, then this is not a problem.

One of the issues could be that PlayStation 4 has much longer loading times than PlayStation 5. This means gamers with the PlayStation 5 player may have to wait a bit before loading the PlayStation 4 player has packed into the game.

Even though it’s not an end-of-the-world situation, PlayStation 4 consoles that aren’t in good shape could take as long as a few minutes to load games that are brand new on the PlayStation 5 can load very quickly.

Another issue that may result from the different high-end technology between these two platforms is the players’ are experience. While this might appear to be an improvement in quality of life at first glance, and often, it’s true; however, there are some situations that a person playing PlayStation 4 will be at a disadvantage when playing against players from the latest generation.

The Playstation 5 has much better graphics, making it clearer, particularly in rapid-paced games, where instant processing of information and quick reactions are required. It is possible to play these games with the previous versions of this console, but the newer version offers far superior graphics than the PlayStation 4.


There’s also the question of how long cross-platforming can be a viable method of playing games together. If a game is currently cross-platform play, you’ll be able to play that game continuously. This feature hasn’t changed in any way.

But, as games are made available for Playstation 5 and Playstation 5, the likelihood that they’ll be accessible on the PlayStation 4 goes down. In time, they’ll cease producing games specifically for PlayStation 4 and move on to focus exclusively on PlayStation 5.

The change will gradually mean that it will surely be impossible to play the most recent and well-known online games with your pals who own PlayStation 4s. It will enjoy games you can play right now, but they could be obsolete or not played in about a year.

Final Thoughts

Now, you’ve got the answer! It is possible to play games with your pals, even if you are playing with the latest generation of the PlayStation PS5, the PS5, and the rest of you have older versions of the PS4.

It’s based on a few factors that will determine the most important one: what games you’re trying to play together and if they offer cross-generation and cross-platform support. It’s not difficult to find great games with these capabilities, however, so don’t let one game not able to support this prevent you from having fun with your pals, regardless of the differences in the consoles you play on!

Keep in mind that some issues could arise, especially as the year progresses and games are optimized for PlayStation 5. For now, you can play a lot of the most loved games on any console with those who have the other generation than you are, so make use of this opportunity while you can.

The only remaining question. What is the reason you’re still looking at this post? You and your friends need to play games! Find out if your preferred game is cross-generationally or cross-platform, and then invite your friends to join! There’s gaming to be done.


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